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Monday, February 24, 2014

What a shock: MK's leading charge for 'equalizing the burden' did not serve in combat units

The Haredi website Kikar Shabbat discloses that while most Haredim who serve in Nachal Haredi (the Haredi unit, which is the largest unit in the IDF) serve in combat units, some members of the Yesh Atid party who have been pushing hardest for 'equalizing the burden' served in - AHEM - 'alternative service' (link in Hebrew). Here's what some of them did in the IDF:

Party leader and Finance Minister Yair Lapid - Reporter for IDF newspaper
Education Minister Shai Piron - Served in Education Corps while in a hesder yeshiva
Science and Technology Minister Yaakov Peri - Served in IDF orchestra (and later in the General Security Service)
MK Yoel Rezbozov - Shortened service as an outstanding athlete
Health Minister Yael German - Did not serve (got married young, one of her sons was killed in action)
MK Dov Lipman - Did not serve (made aliya from the US at age 34)
MK Rena Frankel - Did not serve (made aliya from Russia at age 30)

At Yesh Atid, the reaction to the report. Some of it is in the parentheses above. Here's some more:

Peri's spokseman claims he was assigned to a paratroopers unit where he was wounded and therefore was assigned alternative service. He also spent 30 years in the GSS.

Rezbozov decided to do what all his friends did but was brave enough to wave an Israeli flag in the town where Hitler was born (no, I'm not joking - he really said this).

Lapid and Piron's offices did not comment.


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At 9:01 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Your posting is also 100% irrelevant. It could not be more irrelevant, honestly.

No one is claiming that Haredim should be forced to serve in combat. Rather, Haredim should be forced to simply share the burden of the country and actually learn an education (as in not only Talmud). That's it. If Haredim served as orchestra conductors in the IDF, I think everyone would be pleased.

None of this means Haredim or anyone will be forced to stop learning Torah. Rambam himself was a physician and a Torah scholar.

I don't get how a Zionist could also not support Haredim learning life skills and contributing to the country.

Scratch that...I don't see how a humanist even could be against this, or someone who simply believes in fairness and justice.


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