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Sunday, February 02, 2014

They should have been buried at sea wrapped in pigskin a long time ago

They should have been buried at sea, wrapped in pigskins (and fed to sharks) a long time ago. Instead, 'Palestinian' media are reporting that Israel is to return the bodies of two 'Palestinian' suicide bombers from the last decade for heroes' burials.
According to Israel Radio, the Palestinians anticipate that Israel will transfer the remains of Fatah operative Ayat al-Akhras, the woman who set off an explosive device attached to her body as she stood at the entrance to a supermarket in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood of Jerusalem on March 29, 2002. Three Israelis were killed in the attack.
Israel will also hand over the body of Islamic Jihad terrorist Daoud Abu Sway, the young Palestinian who detonated explosives attached to his body as he was standing near the David Citadel hotel in Jerusalem on December 5, 2001. Three bystanders were wounded in the attack.
Israel's government really needs its collective heads examined. 

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