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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oxfam: Israel herds 'Palestinians' into the gas chambers

Things haven't changed too much, have they? I will grant you that the incident in question occurred in 1977, but does anyone really believe that Oxfam would do anything different today? Well, yeah, they wouldn't be stupid enough to have it be easily accessible on the internet....
A less well-known episode, but one that reveals much about the evolution of Oxfam’s attitudes towards Israel, occurred in October 1977. Oxfam’s then director-general Brian W. Walker had just returned from a visit to Jordan and Israel. His observations in the West Bank prompted him to write to Judith Hart, the Minister for Overseas Development in James Callaghan’s Labour Government. His letter contained a number of remarkable suggestions, not least of which was that Oxfam would be happy to assist a British minister to “travel incognito” into Israeli occupied territory via Jordan.
By far the most disturbing aspect of Walker’s letter, however, was the allegation that Israeli policies in relation to West Bank water resources amounted to a crime against the Palestinian people that could be compared to the Holocaust.
“The policy being followed by Israel,” Walker declared, “is in no real sense different from the use of the gas chambers by the Nazis – for a ‘living’ death is, in many respects, worse than death itself.”
Things haven't changed very much at Oxfam, have they?

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