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Friday, February 28, 2014

Leftists hold 'occupation conference' on ruins of Arab village

Nationalist Baruch Marzel crashed a conference about the 'occupation' at Tel Aviv on Thursday, and decried the hypocrisy of holding the conference on the ruins of the Arab village of Sheikh Munis.
Nationalist activist Baruch Marzel succeeded in entering a Tel Aviv University conference on "influences of the occupation" on Israeli society this Thursday. As Professor Daniel Bar-Tal waxed on about "war crimes" of moving populations from "occupied territory," Marzel spoke out about the "real occupation."
"You're on an Arab mosque, here is the occupation. You're in the occupation, you profit off of the occupation," leveled Marzel at the professors, pointing to the hypocrisy of the university which was founded on what was previously the Arab village of Sheikh Mounis.
"You live the occupation, there's a mosque under this building that they destroyed, and expelled the people to Hevron where I live," continued Marzel.
After members of the conference tried to silence Marzel by accusing him of not being used to academic guidelines of debate, Marzel fired back "I'm used to the truth."
I'd be happy to trade Sheikh Munis for the rest of the country. Let the 'Palestinians' have Sheikh Munis and we'll keep Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, etc.

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