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Friday, February 28, 2014

Graphic video: Desperate struggle at the gallows in Rohani's Iran

We keep hearing how Iranian President Rohani is such a 'moderate,' but the truth is that the number of hangings in Iran has increased dramatically since Rohani took power.

This video has been circulating on the internet. The Video captured the desperate struggle of a prisoner in Karaj, a city north of Tehran, who was denied a final good bye with his mother, who was present at his hanging.

Let's go to the videotape. Warning: This is pretty graphic.

If anyone speaks Persian and wants to explain it, please do. This is the best explanation I have seen.
His final request to say goodbye to his mother before being killed was denied by the hangmen, who ignored the mother's heartfelt pleas from the audience to say a last goodbye to her son.
In response to the cruelty, the man kicked out at one of the hangmen, knocking him from the gallows box and overturning the bench he was to stand on for the hanging.
A desperate struggle ensued as the outnumbered condemned man fought against hangmen with his hands tied. It was a struggle fated for a tragic outcome, as the guards overpowered the man and carried out the execution right before the man's mother and the public.
If this regime has a nuclear weapons capability, God forbid, does anyone doubt they will use it? 

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