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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Explosives are dangerous

It's that time of year. The sound of an explosion is nearly constant for an hour or two before the kids go to school in the morning, and between when they get out in the afternoon until 11:00 or 12:00 at night. Sometimes more. Last year, the police cracked down in my neighborhood and arrested the dealers. This year, the police have been mostly invisible here. What am I talking about? Purim, of course. Purim and the firecrackers, cap guns and fireworks that go with it. They're dangerous. And they also finance the 'Palestinian' terror groups.
A 14-year-old religious boy from outside Jerusalem lost his eye while playing with illegal explosives on Saturday night to celebrate Purim almost three weeks early.
He and his friends were playing with a cap gun when its ammunition exploded in his face.
The medical staff are always anxious about such injuries before and during Purim, as illegal caps and other explosives are widely used. It was the second case of eye injuries to be treated at the hospital in the last two weeks.
“Every year, close to Purim we see such cases, and this time it lead to the complete loss of an eye. We call on parents to prevent their children from playing with illegal explosives and thus to avoid preventable suffering,” Cohen said.
Most Purim-related injuries are from exploding devices such as caps and firecrackers.
According to Beterem – The National Center for Children’s Safety and Health, the rate of injured boys is nine times higher than that of girls, and the most common organ to be injured is the eyes.
Every package legally sold must be marked clearly with the name and address of the manufacturer and importer, safe usage instructions and age limitations. It is prohibited to sell or use toy pistols that look like the real thing. No type of explosives or powder that burns may be sold.
Beterem urged the Economy Ministry to send large numbers of inspectors to make surprise visits to shops and kiosks and confiscate illegal and dangerous Purim items.
Beterem warned to never keep caps in pockets of clothing, as they can be rubbed and explode unintentionally. It also warned to never purchase toys from a street stand without a business license.
Most of the explosives in my neighborhood are sold from people's homes. And many of them are thrown at other kids.

Please.... don't..... 

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