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Monday, January 27, 2014

'Palestinian' MK explains why Israel should expel all its Arabs

And you thought no 'Israeli Arab' MK would be dumb enough to comment on Prime Minister Netanyahu's trial balloon about leaving revenants in a 'Palestinian state.' Meet Jamal Zahalka.
According to Dani Dayan, the chief foreign envoy for the Yesha Council – a Judea and Samaria leadership forum – MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) spoke on Haifa Radio Monday morning and rejected Netanyahu's suggested solution – explaining that Jewish setlers who live inside “Palestine” will not be loyal citizens in the new Arab state.
Dayan calls Zahalka's statement “the definition of hypocrisy.”
Dayan did not spell out the reason for this statement, because Israeli citizens are already well acquainted with the antics of Zahalka and his fellow Arab Members of Knesset, and realize that they are the last ones who can speak honestly about loyalty to their state.
Hey Jamal - can Arab settlers who live inside Israel be loyal citizens of the Jewish state? If not, maybe they should leave....


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