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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ouch: Jewish Home party MK calls Kerry an anti-Semite

If this makes it onto the radar map in Washington, I see another non-apology apology in the offing. First term Jewish Home party MK Motti Yogev called US Secretary of State John FN Kerry an anti-Semite on Thursday, according to a report in the JPost.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is not a fair mediator in peace talks because he has "anti-Israel roots," MK Motti Yogev (Bayit Yehudi) said Thursday.
"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is acting under Kerry's obsessive pressure, which may have anti-Semitic undertones," Yogev told Israel Radio. "Kerry is not here to reach a compromise. He wants to decrease the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel and create a Palestinian state."
According to Yogev, most senior Likud officials agree with him.
The Bayit Yehudi MK also pointed out that Kerry ate hummus with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the past and called him a good friend.
At the same time, Yogev said that the US is a "strategic anchor" and is important to Israeli security.

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