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Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh my: 'Thousands' were expected, only a few hundred showed up

I guess the media is still protecting Ariel Sharon, because you won't find this story in too many places on the web. The IDF prepared buses for 'thousands' of ordinary Israelis to attend Ariel Sharon's burial at his Sycamore ranch near Sderot. But only a few hundred showed up (link in Hebrew).

In fact, the crowds were so light that employees at the Sycamore ranch were ordered to participate in the burial service.

Here's the original Hebrew and a translation of the first paragraph (the rest of the article is interviews with participants).
שעתיים לפני הלוויה עשרות אוטובוסים ממתינים, מאות שוטרים מאבטחים את האזור ומאות סדרנים פזורים ורק מאות בודדות של אזרחים הגיעו לגבעת הכלניות. עקב הדלילות, המארגנים אשר ציפו לאלפי אנשים שיגיעו לטקס הלוויה אף נתנו הוראה לעובדים במקום להשתתף בטקס. נכבדי המדינה מצידם כבר הגיעו לגבעת הכלניות ובראשם שרת המשפטים ציפי לבני.

Two hours before the funeral, tens of buses are waiting, hundreds of police officers are securing the area, and hundreds of ushers are spread out, but only several hundred citizens came to the Kalaniyot Hill. Because of the sparse crowd, the organizers, who expected thousands of people to show up for the ceremony, even ordered workers at the site to participate in the ceremony. The State's honored leaders already arrived at the Kalaniyot Hill, led by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.
Livni should be the first one there. She owes her wretched career to Sharon. 

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