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Friday, January 31, 2014

Kerry to go over government's head without going over government's head?

US Secretary of State John FN Kerry is 'mulling' speaking directly to the 'Israeli people' (not God forbid the Jews) in a bid to convince us that we should support 'concessions' to the 'Palestinians.' Kerry claims he does not want to go over Prime Minister Netanyahu's head, but....
Kerry is mulling the option of delivering a speech directly to the Israeli public which would be similar to a "state of the union" address. The secretary has instructed officials in the American embassy to begin examining the logistical and practical aspects of a Kerry speech.

The idea of a speech is being examined in concert with Israeli officials, for the Americans have made it clear that they have no intention of "going over the head" of the government in Jerusalem. Instead, the goal of the speech would be to help Netanyahu gain more support from the Israeli public as the secretary puts the finishing touches on the framework agreement that is due to serve as the basis for further negotiations between Israel and the PA.

If Kerry does go forward with the speech, it would be along the lines of remarks he delivered to the Saban Forum this past December. Many in attendance at the event said that the secretary of state's remarks were akin to "an almost religious sermon." Kerry is likely to emphasize to the Israeli public the cost of refusing to move forward in the peace process and the destructive repercussions that would befall Israel in the event that talks with Ramallah collapse.
In other words, if we don't 'move ahead,' he will try to convince us that the United States (where almost as few people - as a percentage - support this 'process' as is the case here) is going to rain fire and brimstone on us from the sky. He will try to convince us that the Europeans - who are threatening us with sanctions at his behest - will impose sanctions on us at his behest if we don't 'move ahead.' For this we should agree to commit suicide?

And of course he won't give any such speech to the 'Palestinians.' Their 'leadership' wouldn't allow it and they don't have to make any concessions anyway.

Then there's this amusing tidbit:
Kerry is now trying to create linkage between a Palestinian demand that east Jerusalem be mentioned as the future capital of Palestine and Israel's demand for Palestinian recognition of it as a Jewish state. He is hard at work in trying to lobby Arab governments to apply pressure on PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who has suddenly got a case of cold feet and is hesitating.

This is where the absence of Hosni Mubarak is most felt. It was Mubarak who would intervene on behalf of Washington in moments like these. Right now, there is no responsible adult in Egypt who can avail himself to apply diplomatic pressure on the Palestinian Authority. That is a shame.
And who is the one who cut Mubarak loose, leading to his downfall, in the first place? Who was the first 'world leader' to call on Mubarak to resign?

It's time to show John Kerry the door, and suffer the consequences, if any. The sky is not falling. 

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