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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Jordan continues to insist on 'Palestinian' right of return

Jordan, which is rumored to have strong objections to the 'Palestinian Authority' gaining control of its border crossings into the Jordan Valley, continues to insist on all 'Palestinians' 'returning' to Israel. Those 'Palestinians' are 70% of Jordan's population.
Regarding the Israeli demand to have the occupied Jordan Valley under its control in the case of a peace agreement, the premier said Jordan considers these lands and any other area that Israel occupied on 1967 as Palestinian lands. As for the Palestinian refugees, Ensour stressed that Jordan believes that all the refugees who came to Jordan during the period 1948-1949 have the right to return and are entitled to compensation whether they are holders of Jordanian nationality or not.
Reasserting that Jordan will not negotiate on behalf of the Palestinians regarding their envisioned state’s border with Israel, the minister stressed, however, that Jordan will be concerned about its borders and the state that it will share a borderline with.
He also stressed that any “security-related arrangement” in the Jordan Valley must take into consideration the Kingdom’s national security.
Jordan can't decide what its positions are. My guess is that they really don't want 'Palestinians' immediately across from their border, but that they're afraid to say so.

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