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Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Home decoration,' 'Palestinian' style

Two 'Palestinians' in the Samaria village of A-Taibe has some very interesting 'home decorations.' One of them is pictured above.
After searching for a few hours through several houses in A-Taibe, just north of the Jewish community Moledet, to the east of Afula, police forces reached the house. One of the border police picked up a closed bag placed on top of a tall closet.
Inside were 2 Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, ammunition magazines, dozens of 9 millimeter bullets, and dozens of 5.56 millimeter bullets.
"The rifles are a decoration for the house," said the suspect when questioned by police over the presence of lethal weapons in his house.
Canine units from the Northern Command border police took part in the weapons bust. Minutes after the bag was found, one of the dogs pointed towards a garbage pile placed in another house.
There police found sacks filled with 7.62 millimeter bullets. Both suspects, one 25 and the other 31, were arrested on the spot, and taken for investigation to the police station in Ariel.
'Home decorations'.... Right.... 

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At 8:59 PM, Blogger Barbara2 said...

What do you expect? You are dealing with a religion of peace.


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