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Monday, January 27, 2014

Great news: 'Palestinians' willing to take 'some' Jews but no 'settlements'

A former 'Palestinian minister' says that the 'Palestinian Authority' would be willing to have 'some' Jews remain in the reichlet that they are demanding that Israel give them. But they are not willing to have any 'settlements,' which has to make you wonder where they think those Jews will live.
[Ashraf] Al Ajrami told IDF Radio that “Israeli settlements will not be allowed to remain inside the territory of the Palestinian state.”
"If you want to reside [there], you will have to reside [there] as a Palestinian citizen like all the others,” he explained. “If there is agreement on leaving a few thousand [Jewish] citizens within the territory of the Palestinian Authority, that can be done. But Israeli settlements – that is, under some kind of Israeli control – will not exist.”
Al Ajrami had been asked to respond to the idea leaked by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's bureau, according to which Jewish communities will not be torn down in a future peace deal with “Palestine” – but rather transferred intact into Palestinian sovereignty.
Al Ajrami also estimated that the negotiations between Israel and the PA are on the verge of collapse. “I know where things stand,” he assured his interviewer.
Maybe the Jews can all become like Amira Hass

Meanwhile, MK Moshe Feiglin says that if Netanyahu is serious about abandoning the revenants across the green line, he could at least leave part of the IDF there with them.
Feiglin thinks that if Israel opts for the plan, it should at least give the settlers part of the IDF, so they can defend themselves.
"The part filled by the settlers in the state's security – in blood and money – is greater than that of any other section sector in Israel's population,” wrote Feiglin on his Facebook page.
"The idea of abandoning them to the gangs of the PLO and Hamas is an evil and cruel one. But if someone means this seriously, it is only right that the settler's proportional part in the edifice of the IDF be left in their hands, so that they can defend themselves.”
That's a nice idea, but it won't happen.  The IDF would have to give up too much of its officer corps.

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At 2:39 PM, Blogger Eliana said...

The framework (according to Kerry) does actually leave the IDF in the new "Pal" state (if one is created).

How are so many people missing this?

It's been in the news.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I believe Al Ajrami is suggesting that if Netanyahu thinks he can leave the settlers there but still have them vote, pay taxes etc. to israel not the PA, he is much mistaken. he is not suggesting transfering the Jews to Balata.


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