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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Far Left 'rabbis for human rights' faked an attack on 'Palestinians'

The radical Leftist 'rabbis for human rights' (or perhaps that should be 'rabbis' for 'human rights') organization has been caught faking attacks on 'Palestinian' olive groves... can you guess where? Yes, right near Eish Kodesh. This is from the first link.
The far-left group Rabbis for Human Rights, accused in the past of inciting Arab violence and recently of distributing anti-Semitic materials, was exposed Monday for falsely reporting cut down olive tree branches at the Arab village of Jaloud in Samaria, right next to the Jewish town of Esh Kodesh.
An IDF patrol that arrived on the scene detained several Israeli youths who were in the area and fled towards the community of Shvut Rachel.
However, upon checking the scene, the IDF found there were no signs on the olive trees of being cut down, and consequently the Israelis were released. The far-left group has previously used olive harvests to stir up controversy and disputes.
The recent false claim of cutting down olive trees plays upon accusations of "price tag" vandalism, an accusation that was used last week to justify the attempted lynch by an Arab mob of 25 Jews as they walked from Esh Kodesh to Givat Hayovel.
'Rabbis' for 'human rights' is a great group of community organizers, but they are apparently clueless about real human rights.

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