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Monday, January 13, 2014

Emergency Committee for Israel urges Senator Reid to allow vote on Iran sanctions

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on the announcement that the P5+1 had reached an agreement with Iran on implementing the November, 2013 Geneva Agreement:

Who says President Obama isn't tough?

With today's announcement of an implementation agreement with Iran, President Obama has shown a willingness to be tough in confronting the pro-Israel majority in Congress, threatening to veto any legislation that would punish Iranian deception or prevent the White House from acquiescing to a bad deal with Iran.

With Iran, on the other hand, Obama is willing to accept an agreement that weakens even the original bad deal he announced two months ago. It is a deal that guarantees a permanent Iranian nuclear weapons capability and grants a new concession by allowing Iran to continue developing ever more advanced centrifuges during the talks. It is a deal that, as Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister boasted today, rolls back nothing and means Iran "can return to the previous situation within a day."

We urge Senator Reid to allow a vote on the Menendez-Kirk bill to ensure that the interests of America and our allies are not subordinated to the political interests of the Obama White House.

Link to statement: www.committeeforisrael.com/implementation

For any questions or media inquiries, please contact ECI's executive director, Noah Pollak: noah@committeeforisrael.com, 202-600-6220.

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