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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Defense Minister Yaalon calls Kerry 'messianic and obsessive'

Defense Minister Moshe "Boogie" Yaalon has a pretty blunt assessment of US Secretary of State John Kerry. According to Yaalon, Kerry is 'messianic and obsessive' (Hat Tip for photo here).
“Abu Mazen lives and dies by our sword,” Ya’alon is quoted as saying by Yedioth. “Once we leave Judea and Samaria, he is finished. In effect, during these past months, there haven’t been negotiations with the Palestinians, but with the Americans.”

“The only thing that can ‘save’ us is for John Kerry to win his Nobel Prize and leave us alone,” the defense minister reportedly said.

Source in Defense Ministry told Israel Radio: "All along [Ya'alon] has expressed deep concerns that the diplomatic process could lead to missiles on Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion Airport. He doesn't intend to compromise on Israeli security even is he is called a hard nut to crack.

The remarks elicited angry reactions from both within the government and the opposition.
Tzipi Livni - seeing Yaalon as a threat to her chance for a Nobel peace prize - is seething.
Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who leads Israel's negotiating team, wrote on Facebook: "You can oppose negotiations professionally and responsibly without tongue-lashing and destroying relations with Israel's top ally." 
There are a lot more comments at that link, but perhaps this is the most interesting one:
Ya’alon has made similar statements in the past to other publications which were kept off the record and reported without his name attached to the quotes.
You mean they treated Ya'alon like an etrog. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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At 1:49 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

So, is he motivated by his messianism or his desire for a nobel peace prize?

As far as I'm concerned (seeing no evidence to the contrary), his motives may be as pure as snow. It's the Israeli government that needs to stand strong for its own interests.

The proof, one way or the other, will be in how Kerry reacts when Israel does in fact refuse to accept his suicidal plan.


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