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Friday, January 31, 2014

American double standards

I challenge anyone to prove there is no double standard at work hehttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153785561550022&set=oa.10152021219658305&type=1re.

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At 1:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jonathan Pollard could have been released years ago if (1) Israel had not lied for years about Pollard being rogue, (2) Israel returned all the documents Pollard stole, (3) Aviem Sella returned to the US for a total debrief & damage assessment, (4) said agent-runner submitted to US justice {prison} & (5) Israel had not deliberately offended the US by [a] abusing US agents sent to Israel to get to the bottom of Pollard's treachery & [b] rewarding Colonel Sella for his authorized misconduct with promotion to brigadier-general & posting to a top command.

As successive Israeli governments have unjustly refused to cooperate with the US, it is Israel & Israel alone which is responsible for Pollard's suffering & imprisonment.

Counselor, you want to compare Jonathan Pollard with Khazaee. Better for insight to contrast Pollard with Mordechai Vanunu.

When Israel's own ox was gored by Vanunu, she acted firmly in her interests, with strength & resolution. Why do you expect the US to be less serious & more forgiving about security breaches than the State of Israel?
When a majority of your countrymen stop calling Vanunu a traitor, a majority of Americans should stop calling Pollard a traitor.
When a majority of your countrymen complain about Vanunu's 'excessive' jail time served, a majority of Americans should complain about Pollard's ongoing 'excessive' jail-time.
When your government ceases to gag Vanunu {because after these many years, what he knows & can spill is still useful}, the US government should cease to gag Pollard.
When Vanunu is free w/o conditions to leave the State of Israel, Pollard should be free w/o conditions to leave the US.

Israel would be correct to turn over Sella & the documents. That's the quickest & just way to get Pollard. But as your people cussedly refuse to do the right thing, fix the damage your nation did to America, how about this for a deal? You could advocate for it in your blog. A straight swap, Checkpoint Charlie-Iron Curtain style, Pollard for Vanunu.

Your countrymen can laugh & dance & rejoice & mock America with a free jubilant Pollard in Jerusalem...if they also get distress & heartburn & angst as a free jubilant Vanunu in the States is debriefed at Langley.


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