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Sunday, December 01, 2013

'Palestinians' to stay at 'peace talks' long enough for terrorists to be released

Admitting that the 'peace talks' are going nowhere, the 'Palestinians' are planning to keep them going nonetheless to get their 104 terrorists released.
Nabil Shaath, one of the senior officials in the terrorist organization Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), has declared in a Maariv interview Friday that the PA will remain in talks until all of their terrorist "prisoners" are released - despite admitting that talks have tanked. 
"We have committed to negotiations for a period of 9 months, and by then we hope to see all 104 of our prisoners released," Shaath claimed. He also noted that if not for the release of the more terrorists, PA negotiators would have left the peace talks entirely - just as they threatened to do earlier this month. 
Earlier this week, Shaath declared to Ma'an that the PA was ready to appeal to international bodies, e.g. the International Criminal Court (ICC), in the event that talks fail. 
Shaath repeated those sentiments Friday, adding that he wished to petition all of the UN organizations - not only for the terrorists to be released, but also to push Israel back into talks and into surrendering land under 1949 Armistice lines. 
"The declaration of the PA as a UN non-member observer state recognizes the PA as having borders on 1967 lines," he declared. "This gives us the right to be full members of other international organizations, the International Criminal Court, and other UN institutions." The PA was admitted as a UN non-member observer state last year. 
Despite these threats, Shaath nonetheless has admitted that the PA will not break the negotiations - if only for the sake of more terrorists. "For the prisoners sake, we will not break off ties, we will not go running to the UN." he stated, "But I'm not sure there will be much else to do, given the current policies of the Israeli government."
And they're 'negotiating' with Tzipi Livni, who is way to the Left of the rest of the government and of most Israelis.

Well, US Secretary of State John FN 'third intifada' Kerry will be back in the country later this month.

What could go wrong?

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