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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Palestinians' threaten to attack foreign troops in Jordan Valley

Maybe this is why US Secretary of State John FN Kerry is reportedly amenable to having Israeli troops remain in the Jordan Valley for the first ten years or so under a 'peace agreement.' 'Palestinian' terrorists are already threatening to attack any US or other foreign troops that might be stationed there.
Khaled al-Azhbet, the official spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) terrorist group, warned that if American or other foreign troops are stationed in the Jordan Valley, they will be targeted in attacks.
“We will treat any foreign armed forces as invaders, regardless of their citizenship or their mission,” he declared. “Our policy toward them will be identical to that taken toward the Zionist enemy.”
Azhbet called on the Palestinian Authority to “end what is known as ‘negotiations’ immediately, and turn to the national peace table” – a reference to attempts to reconcile between Fatah and Hamas.
Israel-PA negotiations are a “new scheme” under American auspices, he argued. For the PA to concede on “basic Palestinian rights” would be a disaster, he added.
The PRC, like other Judea, Samaria and Gaza-based terrorist groups including Fatah and Hamas, views ownership of all of Israel as a “basic Palestinian right,” alongside the “return” to Israel of descendants of Arabs who fled during the War of Independence.
He reiterated the PRC’s view of all of Israel as occupied land. “We welcome any activity in the Palestinian struggle, in the heart of our land occupied since 1948 and in the occupied [West] Bank, and the operations coming from Gaza, which express bravery, honor and victory,” he declared.
'Peace' is at hand.... Just ask John Kerry....

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