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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Obama quietly withdraws Egypt ambassador pick

The Obama administration has quietly withdrawn the nomination of Robert Ford - formerly their ambassador to Syria - to be the ambassador to Egypt. The withdrawal was apparently made at the request of the Egyptian army.
Sources familiar with the matter say that Robert Ford -- the highly-respected, Arabic-speaking career diplomat and current ambassador to Syria -- was withdrawn from consideration for the Cairo post after some representatives of Egypt's military regime quietly indicated that they didn't want him in the job because of his stated willingness to negotiate with some of Syria's Islamist militants and political groups.
Secretary of State John Kerry tapped Ford for the post this summer, and the White House had hoped to formally nominate him early next year. Instead, people familiar with the situation say the administration has decided to keep Ford in his current job in Syria -- and its primary intermediary to the country's fractious opposition groups -- and find a new pick for the high-profile Cairo slot. With the Senate out of session and mired in partisan deadlock, that could take months.  
Obama administration officials confirm that Ford faced some opposition in Cairo, but said the primary reason that he won't be getting the position is the importance of his current job as the primary U.S. liaison to Syria's rebels. Ford has spent the past few months shuttling between Washington, Geneva and Istanbul as part of an effort to persuade opposition leaders to take part in peace talks scheduled for late January.
"Ambassador Ford is doing a phenomenal job working on Syria during an incredibly intensive time heading into the Geneva II conference. It's a top priority job on a top priority issue, and everyone from the president on down has trust in Robert to handle it, and I don't think anyone's pausing to think about the future," a senior State Department official said. "The president, and the secretary, and the entire administration have enormous respect for the job he has done on Syria -- here in Washington and in Damascus -- and they feel it's vital for him to keep working on this issue."
Read the whole thing. As usual, it sounds like the Obama administration could have done a much better job of handling the situation.

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At 10:18 AM, Blogger Grumpyelder said...

This is interesting on several levels..

Reuters is reporting this morning that Egypt has re-listed the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization- as if the idea was breaking news. Non conventional media has been reporting it for weeks now.

Non conventional media has also been reporting The Egyptians would like to have a conversation with Malik Obama, the presidents brother, about his role in funding the anti Christian violence {crucifixion, rape, murder as well as the sacking of Christian homes businesses and places of worship that occurred while Mursi was in power.. Some sources are saying Egypt is on the verge of indicting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as global sponsors of anti Christian Jihad

It's an open secret that the President has appointed known members of the Brother to key government slots..

Last week in Syria, Obama's Syrian rebels [Muslim Brotherhood] went on another rampage that included baking Christian infants in ovens.. THe Obama funded rebels seem to be spending more time killing Christians and their Children than fighting Asaud's army..

The Egyptians would have noticed.. this and made comparisons to thier own country


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