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Monday, December 23, 2013

Netanyahu to officially 'demand' Pollard's release

Prime Minister Netanyahu just doesn't get it.

He's (finally!) talking about 'demanding' that the US release convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. But instead of just demanding that the Obama administration finally do the right thing, Netanyahu is turning this into another horse trade.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will officially demand the release of Jonathan Pollard from the US, Channel 2 reported Monday. 
The unconfirmed report claims that Netanyahu will reportedly ask for Pollard's release in one of two frameworks: either for another exchange of more Arab terrorist prisoners, or as part of agreeing to the interim deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
The agreement would follow the US's guidelines set for Israel and the PA for a peace agreement, the full outline of which is due to be presented in January 2014. 
On Sunday, the Prime Minister joined in the criticism from Israeli and American politicians, experts, and public figures of revelations that the US and Britain had been spying on Israel. Netanyahu, like several others, called for Pollard's release in light of those revelations.
"We do not need a special occasion to discuss the release of Jonathan Pollard," Netanyahu stated. "We are constantly working on the matter, including with President [Barack] Obama. We are hoping that circumstances will emerge soon that will allow for Jonathan's release."
Jonathan Pollard should be released because he's been held way too long than what might have been justified by the crime he committed. Jonathan Pollard should be released because it's the right thing to do. Jonathan Pollard is enough of a man that he will not allow himself to be traded for terrorist murderers or for tracts of sand in the Negev. Binyamin Netanyahu could learn a lot from Jonathan Pollard. 

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At 10:49 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Plus, isn't he American? So, maybe PM Netanyahu could pressure the Federation, Presidents, URJ, etc etc to picket their guy Obama to get this done, as an American effort? Who knows how one would feel after so many years, but I agree with Carl I. Jerusalem that Jonathan Pollard would not want to be "traded" for past (and future) murderers. He may even think that he isn't Israel's to trade in the first place, since he is an American. But there could be big pressure brought on the Progressive Democrat Campaign Adjuncts in those communal organizations.


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