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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Negotiating' Obamacare and Middle East 'peace'

The picture at the top of this post is probably the biggest laugh on Twitter this morning. But the connections between Obamacare and Middle East 'peace' are definitely not funny. I have already written about the pressure that will be brought to bear on Israel as a result of Obamacare's impending failure. Now, Arnold Trebach worries that the Obama administration is quietly 'negotiating' with Israel just like it's cajoling the American people into Obamacare.
[I]t is much more difficult to learn what is actually happening in the closed meetings involving John Kerry and Bibi Netanyahu in the Middle East. Kerry just reported that great progress was being made between the Israelis and the Palestinians looking toward a comprehensive settlement in the near future.
It is at this juncture that my fears come to the fore – and so also should the fears of all sensible people.  As the leopard cannot change its spots so also Mr. Kerry and the entire American negotiating team in Israel do not know how to operate differently in Jerusalem than they do in Washington.  They follow Chicago rules which focus on winning and imposing their visions regardless of ethics or laws or practicalities. And remember our negotiating leopards are wickedly (an adjective based in the Boston dialect) incompetent beasts.  They are losers to the core.
The standard American position on the proper final comprehensive settlement would involve trusting the good intentions of the Palestinian leaders, creating a true Palestinian state, ceding East Jerusalem and the West Bank to the Arabs, moving Israel back close to the 1967 borders with a few land swaps, and allowing some Arab refugees back into Israel. That is also the position of the Europeans and of many liberal Israelis and American Jews.
Such a settlement will practically destroy Israel even though it has the support of many powerful governments and opinion leaders, including many in America. My fear is that Kerry and Obama are quietly telling the Israelis that they have no choice – take this suicidal deal or totally lose American support now and even in a future conflict with say Iran. It seems impossible to believe that American leaders could impose such a destructive policy on our only true ally in this unstable and explosive region.
Yet it is just as impossible to believe that our leaders could be so blindly incompetent as to impose the Affordable Car Act on the hapless American people – and to constantly lie about its true destructive impact.
Our Prime Minister is going to have to find his spine, or Israel is going to be in serious trouble from this gang of liars and thieves in Washington.

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