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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mao TV coming to Israel

Israel's Channel 10 has signed a content sharing agreement with Communist Chinese television (Hat Tip: Sunlight).
CCTV, the central broadcaster of the People’s Republic, will team up with the debt-ridden channel to share content on each other’s airwaves and also create joint productions.
According to the reports, the deal will soon see Israeli audiences exposed to CCTV documentaries and a Chinese program about growing up Chinese.
Channel 10, which has been struggling with debt for several years and has on numerous occasions been bailed out by the government just before going dark, last week lost its biggest investor, cosmetics mogul Ron Lauder. Lauder reportedly pulled out of the station after sparring with co-shareholder Yossi Maimon over how to handle its financial crisis. Channel 10 is one of only two independent television stations in Israel.
So we get to watch the Communist military parade every year? Or maybe this is why the government is resisting having that Mossad agent testify against the Bank of China in the Wultz case? What could go wrong?

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