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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Great news: Iranian warships headed for Atlantic

It's been a rough week for reasons I won't start explaining....

Jews are often referred to as the canary in the coal mine. The reason is that frequently when someone attacks Jews, or plans to attack Jews, there is a longer-term plan to attack a larger group.

Iran apparently has such a plan and has started to implement it. The mullahcracy is deploying warships in the Atlantic Ocean. Whom do you think they might be after?
Commander of the Navy’s Fourth Naval Zone, Admiral Rezayee said, “The previous flotillas of warships were sent to the Mediterranean Sea and passed the Suez Channel and even sailed through the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea. Now we intend to enter the Atlantic Ocean and this will be materialized after dispatch of the next flotillas of warships.”
Rezayee said the warships are sent to international waters for a three-month stretch, and this would be Iran’s 29th flotilla, which would include two logistic and combat warships, as well as one subsurface vessel.
The statement comes a week after defense magazine Jane’s unveiled satellite photography of Iran’s new Fateh-class submarine, the largest Iran has ever built, which it launched into the Persian Gulf. Iran is also building a second at the Caspian port of Bandar Anzali. Jane’s said that at about 48 meters, the Fateh-class is bigger than the largest subs built by North Korea, which is believed to have helped Iran produce its 29-meter Ghadir midget subs. The one being built at Bandar Anzali will also be the first submarine launched in the Caspian.
Last month, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that Iran plans to dispatch its next flotilla of warships to the high seas in early 2014 to protect the country’s cargo ships and oil tankers against pirate attacks, FARS reported.
What could go wrong?


Much, much more here

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