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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gazan sniper sought to enter Israel for eye treatment

32-year old Muhammad Abu Amsha attempted to transit Israel in order to receive eye treatments in Ramallah, according to the Shin Bet security service, which announced Thursday that it had arrested Abu Amsha last month. And Abu Amsha wasn't lying.
Security sources said Amsha did really intend to receive the treatment, but only in order to improve his eye sight so that he could take part in futuer sniper attacks against IDF soldiers.

After his arrest, "During questioning, he said he was supposed to act as a sniper, in an attack planned against IDF patrols along the electronic fence with the Strip," the Shin Bet said. "He gathered intelligence on IDF movements in various sectors, trained in firearms, and tested various methods of operation for the attack," the domestic intelligence service added.

An eye injury set back Amsha's plans, and he attempted to travel to Ramallah for treatment. Israel allows thousands of Gaza residents into Israel every month for humanitarian reasons, a fact often exploited by Palestinian terrorists, mostly to transfer funds for terrorism, and reside in Israel illegally, security sources said.

"This is an especially cynical use of humanitarian permits, to facilitate a sniper attack," the Shin Bet said.
A sniper murdered a civilian employee of the Israeli Ministry of Defense on Tuesday.

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