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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Europe isn't the only place where circumcision is under attack

Europe isn't the only place where circumcision (Brith Mila) is under attack. The headline above comes from Israel's uber-Leftist daily Haaretz. The description below comes from Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett's Facebook page.
Campaign against circumcision and the Jewishness of Israel by Haaretz and friends
A consistent, organized and planned campaign is being conducted to erase the Jewish identity of Israel.
Various organizations and Haaretz newspaper are leading the campaign.
Sometimes it is articles on how there is actually no historical basis or archaeological connection between the Jewish people and its land.
Sometimes it is an attack on students who visit Jewish heritage sites in Israel.
Now it is an organized attack on circumcision.
"It is primitive", "It is dangerous and inhumane", "You can connect to Judaism spiritually and not through pagan rituals" and more.
Friends, since the covenant of Abraham this has been the strongest bond that connects the people of Israel to his Creator and to himself.
It has been this way for 3,800 years.
In Israel, in Egypt, during the First and Second temple periods (sometimes in enormous danger of decrees against it), in the exiles of North Africa and in Europe, the Inquisition, pogroms, and even during the horrific Holocaust.
Yes, even during the Holocaust itself we continued to follow circumcision, under impossible conditions.
Our fathers and mothers upheld the fulfillment of the covenant and the covenant maintained our Jewishness.
Do not be confused.
No compassion or enlightenment is motivating this campaign. People will do at home what he or she wants to do anyway.
What stands behind this is a desire to see our state neutered from Judaism.
To turn the one Jewish state of Israel into a state like any other nation, no different from Sweden, the Netherlands or Belgium.
Haaretz – Have you no limit??

The catalyst for this post (and for the article in Haaretz) might have been the Supreme Court's agreeing last week to hear an appeal from a Rabbinical court decision imposing a daily fine on a woman who - as part of her ongoing divorce battle with her husband - has been refusing for more than a year to have her son circumcised. The Supreme Court also suspended the fine.

I wonder whether Bennett has looked into his bosom buddy Yair Lapid's position on this issue.....

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