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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boston Jewish leadership's credibility attacked in Newton school text dispute

I've discussed the curriculum in the Newton, Massachusetts public high schools several times, most recently here. As some of you might recall, I grew up in Newton, although I did not attend the Newton public schools.

The New English Review reports that the integrity of several Boston Jewish communal organizations has come under attack for their refusal to condemn the use in Newton's high school of two texts deemed anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.
Questions on the integrity of Boston Jewish communal groups, the regional office of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) and its affiliate, the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) were raised in a Boston Jewish newspaper report released this week.  The investigation was prompted by a raging dispute with Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) over the Newton, Massachusetts School Board use of controversial anti-Israel and Muslim proselytizing high school texts.
 The Boston Jewish Advocate (The Advocate), the weekly Jewish community newspaper of record, has published an investigation of this latest development in an 18 month battle brought to the community’s attention by Dr. Charles Jacobs and his team at Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), “ADL, CJP Newton reaction raises questions of integrity”.  We posted on The Iconoclast about this simmering dispute in late October 2013, when Jacobs and APT took out ads in several local and regional newspapers.  These were about the troubling world history course texts used by the Newton School Board in 9th and 10th grades; “The Arab World Studies Notebook” and “A Muslim Primer”.
The Advocate’s expose was triggered by a November 15, 2013 letter signed by the heads of the regional ADL, the CJP and its affiliate, the JCRC, published in the newspaper, alleging that they had conducted their own investigation on the troubling Newton school board texts. This letter was prompted by another ad by the APT pointing out the lack of attention by the local Jewish defense and Federation groups to anti-Israel maps from the controversial texts similar to those that ran on bus kiosks and in subways of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).  The Advocate expose noted:
Controversy continues to swirl over a statement released by the ADL, CJP and JCRC claiming that charges by APT President Charles Jacobs of anti-Israel material in the Newton Public Schools were groundless.

Following that statement and ambiguity over whether a referenced ADL report
even existed, the JCRC stated that it has also conducted an inquiry into
alleged anti-Israel materials taught in 9th- and 10th-grade history classes
in the Newton Public Schools that is separate from that of the Anti-
Defamation League (ADL).

However, the JCRC – like the ADL before it – declined to share the details
of their review with the public, prompting some in the community –
including an instructor at Brandeis University in Waltham – to raise the
question of transparency in local Jewish organizations.

We have reported in New English Review articles, interviews and Iconoclast posts on the local Boston regional and national investigations by the APT. In particular we have drawn attention to the nearly decade long battle to uncover the support and indoctrination in terrorism by the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) controlled by an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood,  the Muslim American Society..  The ISBCC figured prominently in the incitement of the Boston Marathon jihad bombers, the refugee Tsarneav brothers.
Once again, Jacobs and the APT team as well as independent investigators have caught the Boston Jewish community leaders in a web of deception abetting anti-Israelism in both the local schools and in the public debate.  This does not come as a surprise to us, nor is it an isolated case.  For example, we can point to our investigations of the controversial Olive Tree Initiative at UCAL Irvine funded by an affiliate of the local Orange County, California Jewish Federation.  
How can we trust the Boston Jewish leaders to defend both Israel and the Jewish people?
It should be noted that the American Jewish Congress (AJC) has urged schools across the United States not to use the Arab World Studies Notebook.

As you might imagine, Newton's schools are very heavily Jewish....

Let's go to the videotape.

More here.

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At 10:57 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

80% of US Jews voted for Obama in his second election? Progressives are Leftists first and last. The 20% is shunned by the US Progressive Jewish organizations and, many of those, by the Israeli govt rabbis, who continue to use US Jews to make domestic political points (I've been told). And the Green/Big Data $lu$h recipients in Israel are on the same team. A new start in a non-flammable area, such as Torah Economics, may (may) bring a slow turn. But it may not, if so many are onboard for a USSR in the US. And no one wants to do it anyway, so what difference does it make, to quote the next Progressive anti-Jewish Democrat coming along. Going along in silence, accepting $lu$h from these Progressives in the US govt, constitutes collusion, at this point.

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

Carl, I feel like crying. I went to Newton North...and it was nothing like it is now. The amount of Jew-hate reminds me of when I was a kid, and we could not live where we wanted. My parents zt'l were allowed to move when I was 13 yeard old! I had gone to the Devotion School, in Brookline, as I refused to go to Girl's Latin (long story), so I was a tuition student for 2 years.

I have not been in Boston for years, and would not know where we were, as I see all the pictures of Boston on FaceBook.


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