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Sunday, December 01, 2013

An idea whose time has come

At a protest in Samaria last night, Jewish residents called on the IDF to change its open fire orders to allow soldiers to shoot at stone-throwers.
The protesters are calling on the army to step in to protect motorists. Specifically, they said, the army must reopen a security post that formerly existed along the highway, and must change the open-fire orders to allow soldiers to shoot at rock throwers.
“It’s a question of life and death,” they declared.
Attempts to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority have only exacerbated the problem, they argued. “The more the peace talks move forward, the more rock attacks there are,” protesters explained.
Several rabbis from the region were present, including the rabbis of the towns of Shilo, Maaleh Levona, Eli, and Shvut Rachel.
Dozens of residents of a nearby PA Arab town responded to the protest outside their community by burning tires.
In principle, I definitely agree that the IDF ought to have the right to open fire on stone throwers. For that matter, so should any motorist who believes that his life or the life of his passengers is being endangered.

Having said that, what do we do with the inevitable 'Palestinian' response of sending 10-12-year old children out to throw stones? My view is that the parents ought to be arrested and jailed for neglecting their children. Oh yes, and let the IDF use tear gas and rubber bullets on the kids if that's enough to stop them.

Stone throwing is not 'non-violent.'

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At 2:12 PM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

Why just soldiers? Anyone with a gun should be able to open fire on bloodthirsty murderers.


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