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Thursday, December 05, 2013

A war zone in Jerusalem

There's a war zone in Jerusalem and it can and should make a lot of you uncomfortable. It's Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus - the one that includes the overseas program.
Tom Nisani, a political science student, used the term "war zone" to describe the campus and told Arutz Sheva that the situation has become an “impossible” one: “Since the academic year began,” he said, “we have been witnessing repeated attacks near the dormitories. It can be harassment of the girls or worse – the throwing of firebombs into the university grounds. Only last week, a woman was injured here as she drove on the university's perimeter road. Her car is simply full of holes.”
The throwers of rocks and firebombs come from Issawiya, Nisani confirmed. “Just two weeks ago, they arrested a terror cell there, which had attacked campus buildings and cars. I regret to say that even the Hadassah Hospital, which serves Arabs, is being targeted with rocks. We are holding evening patrols because of the phenomenon of harassment, but for now, my recommendation is that people avoid bringing their cars to the campus, because they will either be broken into, or attacked with rocks.”
The Arabs of Issawiya have become fearless, said Nisani. “Every once in a while, a few youths come out with boulders and rocks, or they break into cars in broad daylight. They molest girls, stopping their cars next to them and honking their horns. The girls do not feel safe to walk here in the evening. The university invests in security – there are cameras and the police are involved. But we think there needs to be tougher enforcement, and an uncompromising war.
“At the same time, we are conducting patrols with walkie-talkies in the evenings, and we even have some Arab volunteers, who understand that things cannot go on like this.”
From 1949-67, Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus was an Israeli enclave across the 'green line.'

I'm sure that if we just gave it to the Arabs, they would stop there and not terrorize us anymore. /sarc

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