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Sunday, November 24, 2013

What a farce! Iran announces plans to build two more nuke plants

As the P 5+1 scramble to make enough concessions to get Iran to sign a piece of paper - any piece of paper - the Iranians show the proceedings up for the farce that they are by announcing the construction of two more nuclear power plants.
“The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has put construction of the second and third [nuclear] power stations on its agenda due to the government’s programs and the emphasis laid by… President [Hassan Rouhani],” AEOI Deputy Chief Hossein Khalfi said, according to the Fars News Agency.
During an address at the opening ceremony of the 25th Exhibition of Iran’s Nuclear Industry Achievements, Khalfi said: “We have launched the Bushehr nuclear power plant and handed it over to the country’s experts in the past two months.”
“The country will save around seven million barrels of fossil fuel which amounts to about $700 million if each barrel of oil is priced at $100 after the (full) launch of the Bushehr power plant,” he added.
Iran was handed control over the Bushehr plant from its Russian contractor this past September.
What could go wrong?

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