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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maybe I should have been an Arik Einstein fan

I was never an Arik Einstein fan.

That's not because I had anything against him. It's because over the years I listen to less and less secular music, and because I've never really been into Israeli secular culture. (Most of the secular music I post here is in English and it's stuff I remember from 40 years ago).

Some of you may have heard that Einstein passed away last night at the age of 74, which is considered quite young today. Two things about the aftermath of his death caught my eye.

One was one of my Israel Haredi Facebook friends (yes, there are some) who has friends across the spectrum, who posted that many Haredim were following what was happening with Einstein with baited breath. She wrote (in Hebrew) that she didn't understand why, until Uri Zohar (a popular entertainer who became religious many years ago) eulogized Einstein today as "a mentch."

The other is the photo above. It's a quote of Einstein's on Prime Minister Netanyahu, and I will translate it for you.
I didn't vote for Netanyahu. My views are far from his, and he made mistakes, but with that, I believe that they are acting unjustly toward him. They are attacking him, and I am disgusted by the intensity of the scorn and hatred that they are displaying toward him. How much can they squeeze his blood with armed slander and with such an appetite. It's disgusting!
The Prime Minister was one of those who paid his respects to Einstein as the latter's body lay in state in Tel Aviv this afternoon.

And so, I should post at least one Einstein song. Let's go to the videotape.

May his memory be blessed.



At 9:22 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Arik Einstein is the quintessential Israeli.

He was always proud of being a Jew, he loved his country and identified with what the Jewish people did to make Israel what is it today.

His music appeals to every one. Every Israeli parent can't listen to "Uf Gozal" without tears, since every one's children grow up and leave the nest and such is the heartache of parenthood!

I think he is beloved he because he is humble and the personification of the sabra Jew born and raised in Israel. And he would never really live any where else nor did he want to. And his music reflects that sentiment - the Jewish people ARE home and this is their homeland!

For that, Jews don't have to apologize or sound defensive. And his great music will always be with us and we have all been blessed by someone with the extraordinary musical talent of Arik Einstein.

He will always be remembered as the King Of Hebrew Music! Arik - thanks for having been with us!

Zichrono Livrachah - may your memory be for a blessing!

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Chana said...

Thank you, Norman! Carl, to miss Arik Einstein's music is to miss the very best, the absolute sweetest, of the Israel experience.
And if you don't have any חילוני friends who are truly lovely Yidn, as Arik Einstein was, I feel sad for you.


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