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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lady Arrogance

Tzipi Livni says we should forget Iran and concentrate on the 'Palestinians' because we'll get a much better deal in that negotiation (could it be worse?) because she's in charge.
Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Israel's chief negotiator in the current round of peace talks with the Palestinians, says substantial progress is being made, in spite of recent skepticism displayed by her Palestinian counterparts.
Let's see. The second in command of the 'Palestinian' negotiating team resigned due to lack of progress. Saeb Erekat agreed to stay on because Abu Mazen begged him to stay - and Saeb made clear that's why he's staying. Nabil Abu Rudeineh was on Israel Radio saying that no progress has been made and that nothing has moved since the negotiations started. Sounds like 'progress' to me.
In an interview with Esti Perez on Israel Radio's program Midday, Livni told listeners that preventing failure in current negotiations will be difficult and will require her "experience and expertise," and added that she first and foremost intends to protect Israel's best interest.
So what's her next move? Threaten to resign? Take her party out of the coalition but insist on remaining in charge of 'negotiations'? This woman's arrogance and hubris are seemingly limitless.
At a peace conference in the Knesset on Monday, Livni suggested that Israel should stop being unhappy about the deal with Iran, and focus on peace with Palestinians.

She also pointed out that the six months in which countries will be negotiating a permanent accord with Iran are, not coincidentally, the same period left in the nine months US Secretary of State John Kerry allocated for talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
Like the 'Palestinians' will matter if we get nuked.... And by the way, it's going to be more than six months, because even the Europeans admitted today that the six months don't start until the inspectors get there, and the inspectors aren't getting there until after the first of the year.
She said that rather than complain about the interim deal reached with Iran in Geneva, Israel can help get a better deal by doing its part in the peace talks.
Doesn't the government reject the idea of 'linkage' between Iran and the 'Palestinians'? Oh wait, Livni does whatever she wants anyway....

There has only been one politician as arrogant as Livni in the history of the State of Israel: Her old boss Ehud Olmert.

Livni needs to be removed from any position of responsibility. Unbelievable. 

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