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Monday, November 25, 2013

'I happen to trust Herr Hitler'

In his biography, Chaim Weizmann relates the story of a visit to his home by Jan Masaryk, the son of the founder and first President of the Czech Republic, shortly after Masaryk had visited Neville Chamberlain to try to convince him not to abandon his country to Hitler. Here's part of what Weizmann reported.
For a while he was silent, then he turned to us and, pointing to the little dog he had brought with him, said: ‘That’s all I have left, and believe me, I am ashamed to look him in the eyes.’Once he had broken the silence he went on talking, and what he told us was terrible to listen to. He had had a conversation that morning with the Prime Minister, and had taxed him with the deliberate betrayal of Czechoslovakia. ‘Mr. Chamberlain sat absolutely unmoved. When I had finished he said: “Mr. Masaryk, you happen to believe in Dr. Benes, I happen to trust Herr Hitler.”’ There was nothing left for Masaryk but to get up and leave the room.
A great democratic country, a magnificent army and a superb munition plant had been delivered to the future conqueror of Europe, and a people which had fought valiantly for its freedom was betrayed by the democracies. It was cold comfort to us to reflect that the misfortunes which had befallen Czechoslovakia were in a way more poignant than those we faced – at least for the moment. We could not tell what the future held in store for us; we only knew that we had little to expect in the way of sympathy or action from the Western democracies.
Emphasis added by Brian of London. Read the whole thing.

It could happen again, God forbid.

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At 8:11 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Well, I don't see the parallel. Some swaths of the Israelis who today are complaining about the Obama/Clinton/Khmer Rouge Kerry "appeasement" have been actually undermining the efforts of some number in the US to get the Progressive Dems voted out. These Israelis accepted $$BBBillions of the Progressive Green $lu$h, Data $lu$h, etc. for projects in the US, and more recently, for projects in Israel. Pursuing US confiscated taxpayer $$, while the EPA is in process for flattening existing or competing technologies, isn't how it went down for Czeckoslovakia, for example.. These Israelis' cooperation with the Obama/Clinton War on the Poor, in numerous ways, disqualifies this comparison. If Israel wants to work with the Obama/Clinton opposition, then you can complain later, once you've stepped out of the Obama/Hillary 2016 Communist Camp.

(PS I've been a pro-Israel advocate for decades, so the Alinsky directive to slime the messenger won't work in this situation.)

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

BTW, I'm not talking at all about our two countries' multi-$$BBBillion in military co-development or cooperation. Or even the standard R&D in biomed, ag, water, etc etc that we've always done. I'm talking about commercial stuff (e.g., inadequate "alternative energy" or govt mandated "renewables" ha!) being funded with public money, orders of magnitude above the actual value added of the technology. And being force onto civilian markets, to the detriment of non-govt funded producers, who are being subverted.


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