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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eden Atias HY"D (May God Avenge his blood)

The IDF soldier who was attacked by a 'Palestinian' terrorist on a bus this morning was 19-year old Eden Atias HY"D (May God Avenge his blood) of Nazareth Illit. Atias passed away this afternoon.
National Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the soldier was critically wounded at the scene and taken to the Valley Regional Hospital in Afula, where he died shortly thereafter.
Rosenfeld added that the attack is being treated as ideologically-motivated, as the man told investigators that he stabbed the soldiers because he has relatives in prison in Israel.
Magen David Adom paramedics said that at 8:38 am they received a call that a young man had been stabbed inside a bus at the Afula bus station. When they arrived they said they found the victim, “an 18-year-old youth with stab wounds across his body” in critical condition.
Atias was to be laid to rest on Wednesday at 11 pm in the military cemetery in Upper Nazareth, the IDF spokesperson said. 
The Israel Prison Service stated after the killing that two of [the terrorist's] cousins are currently in prison in Israel. One of them, Muhammed Juwadra, is serving three life sentences for the murder of Israelis Cartiso Radikov and Amos Mantiu, a Bezeq employee shot dead in the village of Baka al-Gharbiya in 2003 during the Second Intifada.
The other cousin is serving a 12-year-sentence for attempted murder. 
Paula Stern imagines the scene at the Atias home this morning (Hat Tip: Mrs. Carl).
I’m sitting in my office in the middle of Jerusalem…and someone’s world has just ended. Somewhere in Israel, a few hours ago, there was a knock and without thinking, the woman walked to the door and opened it. Perhaps it was a man, even a sister or a brother. It doesn’t really matter.

No words really need to be said…

There would have been at least two soldiers there. Perhaps the soldiers said something; often they don’t have to. The soldiers will stay until the others gather, try to help make arrangements that the family had never, not even once, believed they’d have to make. Where do you want your son buried? And with the question, the mother’s heart will scream again. Nowhere, don’t you understand? Nowhere. Not now, not ever.

And as the family buries their son, the latest victim of senseless violence and hatred bred into a 16-year-old’s bones and blood, the two soldiers will disappear. The family will never see them again. Forever, they will be remembered as the ones who brought the end of the world, devastation as they had never imagined.

This time, perhaps it was different because the 18-year-old Israeli who was murdered by the 16-year-old Arab survived the initial attack and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Perhaps this time, there was no knock…just a frantic and urgent call to get themselves to the hospital as fast as they can.
Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, several Likud MK's (which the newly Leftist JPost insists on calling 'hardliners' even though they make up most of the party) are calling to suspend the 'peace talks' as a result of this morning's attack. 
"The talks are deluding both the Israeli public and the Arabs," Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon said. "We must stop this predictable crash course immediately."
Danon also called to stop the release of Palestinian prisoners.
Deputy Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely said "the Palestinian Authority's well-oiled incitement system continues to claim victims."
"[PA President] Mahmoud Abbas has a tactic of indirectly harming Israel. Jews aren't killed by PA officials but by the 'Palestinian street,' which is fed each day by anti-Israel propaganda. We cannot continue talking peace while the PA is talking terror," Hotovely added.
But the flaming Leftist to whom the Prime Minister has outsourced the 'peace talks' has a different opinion.
Meanwhile, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni sent her condolences to the soldier's family and wrote on Facebook that now is not the time for political arguments.
However, she added that "violence will not bring diplomatic achievements. We will fight terror and extremism without compromise."
Really? When are we starting? When are we going to start putting terrorists to death rather than freeing them as concessions to induce the 'Palestinians' to come to the table so that we can make more concessions to them? When will a 'Palestinian' know the fear of death when he attacks a sleeping Israeli soldier. When will we stop talking civilly to those who seek to murder us?

Sometimes we are victims of our own humanity. Had the roles this morning been reversed, had an Israeli stabbed a sleeping 'Palestinian' on an Arab bus, we all know what would have happened to that Israeli. When the 'Palestinians' start to fear that something more than a few years in a luxury Israeli jail will be their fate if they murder Jews, perhaps the number of terror attacks will decline.

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At 6:59 PM, Blogger NormanF said...


Innocent Jews pay the price of Israel's sin against G-d. He begs the Jewish people to desist but they refuse to learn.

This terrible theater of the absurd will continue until its too absurd to continue. All that can safely said is that in the meantime more Jews will surely die!

And sad to say - Eden Atias will not be the last of them.


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