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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Breaking: 2-year old seriously injured when 'Palestinians' pelt car with rocks in Jerusalem

The pictures are from a different terror attack - not tonight's.

A 2-year old girl is in serious condition tonight after 'Palestinian' terrorists pelted the car in which she was a passenger at the entrance to the Armon HaNetziv neighborhood in southern Jerusalem.
A Magen David Adom team gave the baby initial medical care and took her to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. She suffered a serious head injury.
Security forces are combing the area in search of the terrorists.
Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) reacted to the attack and said that it joins a long list of similar serious incidents. "I strengthen the prime minister's hands," he said, "[in the hope] for a determined, quick action to put an end to the Stone Age."
Ten residents of Jerusalem's Issawiya neighborhood, aged 15-17, were arrested earlier this week on suspicion that they threw firebombs and rocks at an IDF base on Mount Scopus, at Hebrew University buildings and at police vehicles.
At least two of the teenaged terrorists are linked to the DFLP terror organization.
'Peace' is at hand... not....


JPost adds:
Magen David Adom EMS treated the girl at the scene on Rakevet Street and transported her to hospital at Hadassah University Medical Center in the city.  
MDA said that the toddler was in moderate to serious condition and that she was not fully conscious when they arrived at the scene but that her condition improved on the way to the hospital.  
The girl was riding in the back seat of her family's car with her two brothers when the attack occurred.
 Refuah Shleima - a full and speedy recovery....

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