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Thursday, September 26, 2013

'We'll end up all alone here'

Eitan Haber, who was Yitzchak Rabin's bureau chief, worries that Israel will be left alone in the face of America's withdrawal from international affairs.
Eitan Haber, writing in Hebrew at the Israeli daily Yediot Achronot (this is the translated version), has a sobering and disturbing assessment of one Israeli viewpoint of what’s going on in the world today: America is pulling back, bad people are moving into the vacuum created, and – in the end – the result for Israel will be that they’re left alone to face a world full of enemies.
America, if one can generalize, is abandoning us – the Middle East in general and Israel in particular. It’s not a matter of weeks, months or even a year. It’s a process which will take a long time, and when it ends we will remain here, in the Middle East, all alone. It will be us against all Arab countries in the first, close circle and in the second, more distant circle, and if one can determine with the required gentleness: The scarier circle, which includes the 1.25 billion Muslims living today.
I think God might have something to say about this... 

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At 9:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I totally agree with him and saw this coming , next they'll go after Israel's nuclear stockpile as i said for the last two years.


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