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Friday, September 20, 2013

Saudi paper blasts Israel for trying to help Syria refugees

I have done two posts recently about Israelis trying to help Syrian refugees in Jordan. Daniel Greenfield reports that a Saudi newspaper has blasted Israel for those efforts.
The more official reaction comes from a Saudi paper in London.
Syrian regime loyalists received a gift from Israeli TV when the latter screened a short film about people labeled “activists” who risk their lives by entering “hostile territory” in order to support Syrian refugees.
This is more than enough for “patriots” who are out to protect Arab rights to take advantage of the plight of Syrian refugees inside and outside Syria in order to promote the conspiracy theory that attributes the Syrian revolution to a Zionist/Western scheme.
Just as the column hints at the conspiracy theory that Israel really supports Syria. Both sides in any Muslim conflict accuse the other of being a Zionist/Western puppet.
There is a woman whose husband was attacked by Syrian regime thugs and needs an urgent surgery or else would lose his eyesight. When she knows that those offering her help are Israelis she starts crying for she would rather have her husband lose his eyesight than resort to this kind of help.

Is there a cheaper form of blackmail than offering to save a refugee’s eyesight provided that it is done in Israel?
Where else are Israelis supposed to arrange to provide eye surgery for Syrian refugees? Alaska?
Read the whole thing.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameyach everyone!

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