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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Putin blames Israel for Syrian WMD's

Moadim l'Simcha - a happy holiday to all of you. (The proper answer to that greeting is 'Chagim u'Zmanim l'Sasson' - which means holidays and times for joy).

Russian President Vladimir Putin is blaming Israel for Syria's possession of weapons of mass destruction.
According to AFP, Putin said that Syria had developed chemical weapons "as an alternative to the nuclear weapons of Israel."
The Russian president claimed that the "the technical advantage of Israel -- we need to say this directly -- is such that it doesn't need nuclear weapons. Israel is already in a technical military sense several heads above the countries in the region."
Putin added that "nuclear weapons just make it a target. They just create foreign policy problems."
What a load of you-know-what. Is it Israel's fault that Bashar al-Assad has followed in his father's footsteps and used chemical weapons on his own people? If they were developed as an 'alternative to the nuclear weapons of Israel,' why is Assad using them to attack his own people?

Moreover, did it ever occur to Putin that maybe the only reason that the Assad's never used their chemical weapons against Israel is because they knew that if they did, they would find themselves back in the 8th century?

Does Putin believe that Russia's nuclear weapons make him a target?

Aren't you Americans glad that Putz Obama let this guy live another day?

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