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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Police shoot out tires in stolen truck trying to enter Ben Gurion Airport

Two 'Palestinians' stole a truck in nearby Beit Dagan and tried to drive it through a security barrier outside Ben Gurion airport early Tuesday morning. Security guards shot out all of the truck's tires, stopping the thieves.
Israel Radio reported that police believe the suspects stole the truck in nearby Beit Dagan and accidentally entered the airport.

The two suspects, from Jenin and Kalkilya in the West Bank, fled the vehicle after a security guard fired four shots at the trucks tires. Airport security apprehended the suspects after they fled the vehicle on foot.

Police sappers were called in to inspect the vehicle, but found no explosives on the truck.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

The incident prompted airport authorities to declare an emergency situation, suspending flights temporarily.

Despite the resumption of flights after approximately an hour-and-a-half, some delays were expected Tuesday morning.
A part of me is wondering whether this was a false flag operation to see how security would react. 

For a description of Ben Gurion's security system, go here. This incident apparently took place at one of the outside entrances to the airport.

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