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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Netanyahu angry at Elkin, tells him to take El Al

Prime Minister Netanyahu threw Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin off his charter flight to the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, telling the Deputy Foreign Minister to take El Al instead (Hat Tip: Shy Guy).
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu expressed his immense displeasure with Deputy Foreign Minister MK Zeev Elkin by removing him from his private flight to New York to the United Nations. MK Elkin was informed he could take a commercial El Al flight, according to a report by Israel Hayom.

According to the report, Elkin is being castigated for a speech he gave in opposition to Netanyahu at a Party (Likud) event ten days ago, and for a letter from other Deputy Ministers in which he had included his signature.
Israel Hayom adds:

Elkin, who lives beyond the Green Line, is an increasingly vociferous and public opponent of the two-state solution and the peace talks with the Palestinians, talks his party boss has committed to.

"Eleven years ago, at the center of the Likud party stood the question of whether we should allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. The individual who led that discussion is today prime minister. [Netanyahu] said, during that central and well-known meeting, things that are still true to today. The Palestinians should enjoy full rights, except for one right: the right to destroy the State of Israel. An independent government, yes. A state, no. Such prophetic words have been totally fulfilled," said Elkin.

Elkin is not the only right-wing Likud MK as of late to criticize the prime minister for supporting renewed peace talks with the Palestinians. Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon said the prime minister would have "no place in Likud" should he sign a peace deal with the Palestinians.
Now I understand why Netanyahu and Obama are getting along so well these days. They're both egomaniacs.

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