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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why didn't we think of doing that? Oh wait, we did....

A lawsuit in an Egyptian court demands that Egypt stop supplying electricity to Gaza (link in Arabic, Google translation here).
The lawyer submitted the lawsuit in its lawsuit, that Egypt exports of electricity to the Gaza Strip at a time when the Egyptians suffered from constant interruptions of electric current, and without regard to the suffering of the Egyptians in the last period of power outages.

The lawsuit said that the production of electricity in Egypt is very expensive because of the consumption of large quantities of Egyptian gas in the process of producing electricity, which requires the need to provide electricity to the Egyptian people, and take advantage of it rather than exported to the outside and the people in greatest need.

The total amount of electricity supplied by Egypt to the Gaza Strip of 28 MW only, while the need for the Palestinian city of Rafah alone of electricity of 35 MW.

Despite the small amount of electricity Egyptian Aloradh of the Gaza Strip, but that if the cut will have much impact on the electricity consumed by the Gaza Strip, which amounts to 400 MW peak.

The Israeli occupation authorities bombed the only power plant in the Gaza Strip in 2006 following the capture of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, enter the sector in the ongoing crisis is on the horizon for signs resolved.
That's it - blame the Joos. Who built that power plant in the first place? With the billions of dollars in aid provided to the 'Palestinians' in the last seven years, why hasn't Hamas rebuilt the plant?

By the way, cutting off electricity from Gaza has been discussed in Israel many times. Unlike the Egyptians, we could never get away with it.

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