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Thursday, August 29, 2013

US and Russian navies to clash in Mediterranean?

Reuters reports that a US attack on Syria is likely to make extensive use of naval assets.
If U.S. President Barack Obama decides to take military action against Syria for using chemical weapons in its two-year-old civil war, the initial blows likely would be delivered by four U.S. guided missile destroyers currently in the Mediterranean.
Following are some of the U.S. military assets at Obama's disposal:
GUIDED MISSILE DESTROYERS - The United States has four guided missile destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea - the USS Gravely, the USS Barry, the USS Ramage and the USS Mahan. The ships can carry a maximum of 90 to 96 Tomahawk cruise missiles if loaded only with those weapons. The actual number they are carrying at any time depends on the mission and what other weapons and systems are needed. Tomahawk missiles are likely to be the weapon of choice if Obama orders a strike on Syria because they have a range of about 1,000 miles and can be used at a distance without a concerted effort to destroy Syria's integrated air defenses.
SUBMARINES - The United States has 58 submarines capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles, including four specifically designated guided missile submarines capable of carrying up to 154 missiles apiece. The Navy does not discuss the whereabouts of its submarines, but one or more could be tapped for duty if Obama decides to carry out targeted strikes against Syria.
AIRCRAFT - U.S. B-1, B-2 and B-52 bombers are capable of carrying conventional air-launched cruise missiles. Those could be called into play if needed, as they have been in previous conflicts in the Middle East, flying from bases in the United States or elsewhere. The air-launched cruise missiles also are stand-off weapons that could be dropped from outside Syrian territory.
AIRCRAFT CARRIERS - The USS Harry S. Truman is currently in the northern Arabian Sea and the USS Nimitz is in the Indian Ocean. Aircraft from the two carriers could be called into service if needed to participate in an attack against Syria. But their participation appears unlikely.
Meanwhile, the Russians are pouring naval assets into the Mediterranean....

What could go wrong?

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At 2:26 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

It's like a house of mirrors... Red headline at the top of Drudge:



They don't really know who has what chem weapons? So whichever ones come from Russia should be pinned on Russia for taking them out. And whichever ones came from Libya or Iraq should be pinned on the Progressive Marcuse Marxist Democrats to take out of there. Isn't that what you do when children are irresponsible, you take away the offending item?

IM regulars know I am no passivist. What I am is anti-marxist, anti-sharia. I don't want the US govt providing the US military to operate on behalf of either, which is what this will be if we intervene the way they're talking about. The marxists and sharia people have a way worse track record for death and destruction than the military/secular dictators. And the democracy people (ref: Iran '79) are not mean enough to face down either group. Google Nonie Darwish (a former Egyptian general's daughter) and listen to her talks... she explains it wonderfully.


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