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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Roger Waters: 'Some of my best friends are Jewish'

In an open letter on his Facebook page, Roger Waters has responded to charges of anti-Semitism from the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Abraham Cooper, after Waters used a giant balloon of a pig with a swastika and a Star of David painted on it in a concert in Belgium two weeks ago. Waters' response: 'Some of my best friends are Jewish.'
“Often I can ignore these attacks, but Rabbi Cooper’s accusations are so wild and bigoted they demand a response,” Waters begins his riposte, then, addressing Cooper directly, writes: “I hold your outburst to be inflammatory and un-helpful and would suggest it can only impede progress towards peace and understanding between people. It is also extremely insulting to me personally in that you accuse me of being ‘Anti Semitic’, ‘A Jew Hater’ and ‘Nazi Sympathizer.’”
In the letter, Waters responds to the allegations by claiming that the Star of David was one of many symbols used in his show, including “the Crucifix, the Crescent and Star, the Hammer and Sickle, the Shell Oil Logo and The McDonald’s Sign, a Dollar Sign and a Mercedes sign.”
Waters points out that the pig has appeared at 193 performances since September 2010, and last week’s was the first complaint. He said “the pig in question represents evil, and more specifically the evil of errant government. We make a gift of this symbol of repression to the audience at the end of every show and the people always do the right thing. They destroy it.”
In his letter, Waters contends that he has “many very close Jewish friends,” including  ”Simon Wiesenthal’s nephew,” and his two grandsons whose “mother, my daughter in law, is Jewish and so, in consequence, I’m told, are they.”
Perhaps emboldened by his extensive Jewish connections, Waters then launches into an anti-Israel tirade. “In a functioning theocracy it is almost inevitable that the symbol of the religion becomes confused with the symbol of the state, in this case the State of Israel, a state that operates Apartheid both within its own borders and also in the territories it has occupied and colonized since 1967,” Waters charges.
What a nice guy. I'm sure that if the 'Palestinians' get their 'state' he'll find many more Jews he can love.


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At 6:06 AM, Blogger houdini said...

OK, more on the pig - but this one is good: Roger Waters used an inflatable pig when he performed at the 2008 Coachella festival, this time the pig was emblazoned with the word "Obama" as Waters wanted to support the US presidential candidate. When Waters performed this song, the pig was released on cue, but broke free and floated away. Festival organizers offered lifetime passes and $10,000 cash for the pig's safe return. In was found a few miles away in two plastic heaps by some surprised homeowners in La Quinta.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

I'm sure the KAPOS said more or less the same thing.


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