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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Remembering Lior Tubul and Ronen Karamani

In an earlier post, I mentioned Lior Tubul and Ronen Karamani, who were kidnapped on their way to visit their girlfriends just north of Jerusalem and murdered in cold blood. Their murderers are among the 104 'Palestinian' terrorists to be released, although they are not among those being released tomorrow.

This article was actually written by Esther Pollard, the wife of Jonathan Pollard, who has been imprisoned in the United States for 28 years for spying for Israel.
According to reports, the Netanyahu government has decided to free the murderers of Tubal and Karmani, who are serving four life sentences.

More than two decades after their brutal murder, the boys are now mocked in their graves by a government which pledged to honor their deaths. Their lives, abruptly cut off, are now treated with contempt and their memory dishonored as their murderers are about to jubilantly walk free.

Adding to the disgrace, their families are being forced to relive the horror and the pain all over again, knowing that their sons’ murderers are going free.

In a recent video, Ronen Karmani’s parents expressed their heartbreak and dismay.

“The same men who killed Ronen and Lior in cold blood, murdered two other men as well,” Ronen’s father, Eliyahu, notes, “and they were supposed to serve four life terms. Nowhere else on earth do you see this, that a person who got four life sentences plus 20 years is released before completing a single life sentence. Why? Based on what?”

“They murdered two helpless children, who fought, who tried to fight them off,” Ronen’s mother, Mazal added. “They bound them, tied their hands and feet and gagged them, and dragged them to the valley, and stabbed them 15, 20 times. They beat them. We found them... we found their bodies bloated in the sun.”

How is it that 23 years after the murder of Lior Tubal and Ronen Karmani – and after the senseless and brutal murders of countless other victims of Arab terror – Israel has failed to learn the simplest, most elemental lessons of self-respect and national honor.
Israel used to have self-respect and national honor. The current Prime Minister's brother died for it Unfortunately, between the Shalit deal and this craven release of murderers, the current Prime Minister has done more to dishonor Israel's national pride than any of his predecessors.

Read the whole thing.

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