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Sunday, August 25, 2013

'Peace' is at hand: 'Palestinian youths' punishing normalizers

'Palestinian' media report that 'Palestinian youths' are acting to punish normalizers - people who try to have normal relations with Jews and Israelis - in ways that only they know how (link in Arabic - Google translation here).
This came during a dialogue Youth Open which was organized today Sharek Youth Forum on "anti-normalization with the occupation," the centrality: normalization of political and economic, cultural, academic and social development, the provincial world of Israel, divestment and sanctions, and occur when all of the activist and volunteer in the National Committee for a boycott of Israel نصفت Khuffash, and economic news in the new Al-Hayat newspaper Ibrahim Abu Kamc, and activist Bahaa al-Khatib from the efforts of the Foundation, and participated in the dialogue a number of representatives of youth and youth groups and interested parties in addition to a number of experts, at the Forum headquarters in Ramallah.

He called on young people to more awareness campaigns anti-normalization in schools, universities and across all media, and the emphasis on chain stores Province Rami Levy supermarket built on the Palestinian territories.

It was agreed that young people with the National Committee for a boycott of Israel, divestment and sanctions on the concept of normalization, which is "to participate in any project or initiative fizz activity, local or international specifically designed for the collection (either directly or indirectly) between the Palestinians and or Arabs and Israelis individuals who were or institutions, nor explicitly designed to resist or expose the occupation and all forms of discrimination and oppression practiced against our people.

He said the Executive Director of Sharek Youth Badr زماعرة, has established this meeting discussions are important and fruitful in the next stage with young people, emphasizing the lack of awareness of the concept of normalization and thrown sometimes lump on any activity or any work that youth is described as normalization and is one of the errors that must be thinking about them.

Note the mention of the Rami Levy supermarket chain. That chain, which maintains stores in Judea and Samaria that have both Arab and Jewish customers and employees, infuriates the 'Palestinians' like almost nothing else. The 'Palestinian Authority' has tried many times to convince 'Palestinians' not to shop in Rami Levy, but to no avail. So now they're going to start by trying to keep the kids out.

Once the kids figure out that Rami Levy has better quality and prices than any 'Palestinian' store... what could go wrong?

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