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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Netanyahu asks Kerry to stop 'Palestinian' incitement

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Netanyahu sent a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry, protesting 'Palestinian' incitement
Incitement and peace do not go together, Netanyahu wrote Kerry. Netanyahu added that instead of educating the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, Palestinians were being educated to hate Israel, which laid the foundation for continued violence and terror.
Officials in Netanyahu’s bureau said Netanyahu was referring to remarks made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Egyptian journalists last week, while talks were being resumed in Washington. Abbas had said that he was opposed to the presence of even one Israeli in the future Palestinian state. Netanyahu claimed that the remark constitutes incitement against Israel.

Netanyahu included in his letter to Kerry other examples of what he calls incitement against Israel. Among them is a quote from an anchor on the Palestinian state television station during a broadcast about the Barcelona soccer team’s visit to the West Bank. In that broadcast, the anchor defined Palestine as “extending from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat,” and not only within the 1967 borders.
Netanyahu said in his letter that before the game against Barcelona, a Palestinian singer performed a song containing the words: “My land Palestine, look to Safed and Tiberias, send greetings to the sea of Acre and Haifa, don’t forget Nazareth, and tell Beit She’an its people will return.”
The 'Palestinians' sent a letter to Kerry on Thursday protesting Israeli 'settlement construction.' So far, the State Department has found the time to say that it “does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity” and has taken the issue up with Israel. It has said nothing about the incitement.

Given that Israel has a history of expelling Jews from their homes, and much of the 'settlement activity' is taking place in areas which Israel anticipates continuing to control as part of a 'final settlement,' the incitement seems like a far greater danger to the prospects for 'peace.' But you can bet that the State Department's moral equivalency bureau won't see it that way.

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