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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Need a gas mask? Go on EBay

Are you in Israel without a gas mask? Don't worry - you can find one quite easily. It seems that there are some Israelis who are so convinced that they won't need them that they are selling their government-issued gas masks on EBay (link in Hebrew).

The gas masks, which are being sold anonymously, start at $29.99 and are being sold as high as $175. One enterprising Israeli is selling the instructions and the box (which is supposed to remain sealed until the government gives orders to open it) for $5.24.

But you'd  be foolish to buy from these people. If you cannot get one for free from the IDF or the postal service, you can buy them new from the manufacturer for NIS 222 (about $62.50). Many of the gas masks being sold on EBay are old, which means they probably date back to 2003, which is the last time we were told to open them.



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