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Friday, August 30, 2013

Napalm bomb dropped on Syrian school building

A napalm bomb was dropped on a school building in Urum al Kubra, which is near Aleppo, Syria this week. Since the rebels don't have planes, the Syrian government cannot really blame them this time.

Let's go to the videotape.

There was also a second video filmed after the attack.
In another video filmed in the aftermath of the attack, a doctor reports seven deaths and 50 injuries - and says the burns resembled Napalm injuries.
However, the use of the substance has not been confirmed.
A BBC television crew who witnessed the bombing reported no shrapnel injuries and said the victims resembled "the walking dead".
Napalm is not classified as an outlawed chemical weapon although it can cause devastating burn injuries.
Infamously used in the Vietnam War - as well as the Second World War - the jelly-like substance sticks to skin and burns at very high temperatures.
A United Nations convention prohibits using incendiary weapons against civilians, or against military targets located near civilian populations.
The pictures of the school attack emerged after MPs voted against military action over alleged chemical weapons gas attacks by the Syrian regime.
As if the Assad regime is worried about United Nations conventions.... 

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