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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mass Haredi Rosh Chodesh prayer service to be held at Western Wall on Wednesday morning

The JPost tries to give the impression that, contrary to last month, Haredi schoolgirls are not going to show up at the Kotel (Western Wall) on Wednesday morning for Rosh Chodesh prayers.
Last month, thousands of haredi schoolgirls filled the women’s section entirely preventing WoW from holding their service there, and were forced to conduct it at the entrance to the Western Wall plaza complex away from the wall.
The group expressed intense displeasure with the arrangements last month, saying that the police should have enabled them to pray in the area facing the wall behind the main prayer sections for men and women at the very least.
WoW has announced that it will blowing the shofar in today’s morning prayers, as is customary in the month of Elul, and will also bring a Torah scroll to the entrance of the complex.
On Wednesday, the office of [Rabbi Shmuel] Rabinowitz [the Kotel rabbi] announced that both he and the Jerusalem police were calling on haredi representatives in the Jerusalem Municipality to prevent haredi school girls from going to the Western Wall this month, in light of security concerns ahead of the last day of Ramadan and large number of Muslims expected to arrive in the Old City and the Temple Mount.
Haredi politicians from United Torah Judaism, both national and municipal, were the driving force behind recent haredi protests against the Women of the Wall.
Rabinowitz said he also called on the WoW to come “according to the previous arrangement” and not to wear tephillin.
They're going to have to get up awfully early to find place in the women's section at the Kotel on Wednesday. At this very moment, there are cars going around my neighborhood - and presumably others in Jerusalem as well - calling (in the name of the 'Eida Haredith') for the public to turn out en masse for dawn prayer services at the Kotel on Wednesday.

Religion trumps politics?

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