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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heh: 'Palestinian Authority' arrests Tulkarm man for selling perfume called 'Morsi'

A 27-year old 'Palestinian' man from Tulkarm has been arrested by the 'Palestinian' intelligence services for selling a perfume called 'Morsi' (link in Arabic, Google translation here).
Ramallah / Sama / arrested Palestinian Intelligence, on Tuesday, the young اسلامبولي Riad Badir (27 years) from the city of Tulkarem, and confiscated perfume made and dubbed Egyptian President orphaned "Mercy".
Said Abdel Fattah monastery, the brother of the detainee اسلامبولي, the elements of the intelligence agency stormed, Tuesday morning, replaced his brother on the sale of perfumes in Tulkarem, and conducted inside inspections minutes, and confiscated a computer his own, also confiscated bottles of perfume prepared by his brother, dubbed "Mercy . "
It is noteworthy that the young اسلامبولي monastery, An-Najah National University graduate majoring engineering building. 
Mercy or Morsi? Heh.

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